Monday, 18 February 2008

Poppy retires from agility

Well, as lots of you know I've been trying to get Poppy back to full agility fitness since she injured herself back in October. We have made lots of progress and she is back to an excellent level of fitness overall. She is however struggling with a couple of things: one is the first jump of any sequence and the second is in gauging her take off spot when there is long pacing between jumps and/or other obstacles.

It's a very hard decision but I've finally arrived at what I think is the right choice for Poppy and at almost eleven years of age she has retired. I haven't told her that as she wouldn't agree for one moment! I am going to continue to keep her fit by doing small jumps in the garden and at training school when I get the opportunity. This is good for her muscles and for her as she loves agility so much and retiring her is one of the hardest things I've had to do. It was easier with Abbey as she really wasn't that bothered about agility itself, just doing stuff with me but Poppy is and always has been passionate about agility. She was one of those dogs that just had natural talent right from the very beginning.

I've never been too sure about veteran classes and the like because you do see some dogs plodding round that probably should be 100% retired. I've decided though that Pops will benefit from these classes and all the time she is fit and sound I am going to do them with her.

I love running Poppy so much, it's really difficult to imagine walking classes without thinking things through for her. She is my little superstar and always will be!

On Saturday at Bernadette's we had a play with Pops on the small jumps and she did some weaves. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and long may she continue to do so!

Thank you Poppy for all the fun and dedication you've given to me for such a long time, now you can chill out and break as many start lines as you like; you've earned it!

Thanks Dennis for these brilliant photos of Poppy weaving; I love the first one with the sticky out leg and the last one with the floppy ear!


  1. Oh such a hard decision to make and I am sure you have made the right one ..... you and she will have lots of fun running some veteran classes x

  2. What a hard decision for you but I'm sure she'll love doing the vet and even the allsorts classes.
    The pictures are great aren't they?

  3. I know how hard the decision is Nancy as I had to make the same one with Buzz at the end of last year and he will only be 10 next month. I'm sure Poppy will enjoy the Veteran and Allsorts classes just as Buzz does, as long as he gets to do a class, he doesn't mind and I'm sure Poppy will be the same.

  4. Yeah a difficult decision only you can make. You watch how naughty she will get now in agility and she knows she can get away with it now!

  5. That's already started, she breaks start lines and turns the wrong way and exits her contacts without permission! You got a taste of it on Saturday! I hope she gets even naughtier!

  6. You are very brave to make the decision to retire Poppy and I am sure Pops is well deserve her happy retirement!

  7. ah Bless Pops - her and Fog are very close in age and I still remember them playing as little red pups :)

    I am sure she will enjoy herself - and I think it's harder for us than them.

    Lorna x

  8. What a hard decision Nancy when she is so passionate about it. I think you are right to do Veterans/Allsorts - she won't know it isn't 'serious'. You have to do what's best for her and she'll love you for it. Hxx PS I love the 'sticky out leg' - the pic and the expression!

  9. And look at the big grin on Poppy's face as she comes outta the weaves - how cute is that.
    You'll have gr8 fun in the vets classes i'm sure of it.