Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kizzy Training

This is a little film of Kizzy doing some training on the same sequence that Karen, Bernadette and I did a couple of Fridays back.

Kizzy has a tendency to turn a little wide (we call her the QE2)and Andy's been doing loads of wing wrap practise and she is capable of really tight turns. However, when speed is involved she tends to revert to wide turns. So, after doing a couple of runs on this pattern he went back to drilling the wing turns with her toy. More work to do on these turns!

Her weaves are coming on really well. Since this film she has moved on another step and her pot has been taken away and replaced with a toy. She actually drives on better to the toy so that's good. However, the pot will always go back in place if and when required.

Message for Karen: since the filming of this sequence, sadly the yellow duck on a rope has met a sorry end. He got tugged off his rope and is no more! Luckily we have a chicken on a rope in the caravan which will be retrieved and used for training. Andy is determined to keep the little blue bird on a rope for her first show!


  1. Kizzy is looking fab! really nice weaves. Leah x

  2. Kizzles is going brilliantly love her weaves, we will have to see if we can find another little ducky mate for her :0))

  3. On No how sad that the little duck is no more.:(