Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Olympia 1998

Pete very kindly gave me a DVD of Olympia 1998 which was Abbey's first time there. We have it somewhere on a tape but not sure where all that stuff is hidden since we moved. It's lovely to have it on a DVD.

I have split out Abbey's two runs for the blog. We ran second in the morning semi-final and won the event by almost 2 seconds. The dog walk was rather quick but I guess we got the benefit of the doubt! Can you believe that year they forgot to order crystal for the winner of the semi-final competition. Typical!

In the final we ran last (apart from the fun dog). They always used to reverse the order of the morning's event, not sure if they do that any more. Greg won the final, Stuart Harmes was second and we came third. The proudest moment for me and Abbey. The top three times were so close and the hardest part for us was the long run home. We had a funny little twirl at the bottom of the dog walk but she was so nimble I don't think it cost us any time, it was definitely that run home with me huffing and puffing behind her.

I had a really bad cold and a horrible cold sore, I can remember trying to cover it with my hand for the photos at the reception afterwards. Nothing though could detract from my elation. I might as well have won the event I was so proud of my little Abbey. It was her first time at Olympia so she exceeded all my expectations.

I wish I could get some of the videos of Bess at Olympia onto the blog. They are all on old video tapes from our original camcorder and I wouldn't have any idea if you can transfer them. They go back to 1991 which was Bess's first time at Olympia. I think the track suits were even ghastlier then. Brown and yellow from memory. At least in this video they were sort of OK!


  1. I'm with Bernadette..... I know how you felt there and got goose bumps just watching... even down to the dodgy contact (watch Jag's a-frame from 2006 - gulp). Such an amazing feeling on a Saturday night! Ah the memories. What a good little girl.. p.s nice tracksuit!

  2. Thank you for sharing that its brilliant and I remember being there and watching the final x

  3. I got a real lump in my throat watching that. Lovely stuff!