Monday, 23 July 2007

Tired Monday

Our dogs are always very tired on Mondays after agility shows. The four that I took to Newlands all had a busy day even Abbey spent over an hour round the rings. So today they are very tired. Abbey and Poppy are both office dogs and I made them up new beds in their new office. Poppy declined hers and instead fell asleep on the foot rest of Andy's drawing board. That's gratitude for you!

Abbey was sensible and chose a cosy bed!

This was Poppy's choice:

Kizzy and Becky are pretty tired too. They had a wonderful day at home with Andy. They had shoe chews in the morning while Andy worked indoors and then spent the whole afternoon in the garden with Andy (and their footballs). Becky being Becky has spent most of today laying at the back door whining to go out in the garden. Sadly that's not possible as the builders are in and working out the back!

Andy did some target training with Kizzy in his lunch break using the clicker. This exercise is progressing well. Clicker training is one of Kizzy's favourite occupations!

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