Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Isn't is wonderful having the builders on site ....

Not! Actually they are a great crew but yesterday was bad, very bad. Right outside our kitchen door a kango pneumatic drill, all day. My head was spinning. The dogs slept through most of it, thankfully.

We are making progress inside and out. Yesterday we almost got the sitting room straight and actually got round to hanging some curtains. We couldn't find the right curtain poles 'til this week so the windows have been bare. Horrible. It feels so much better with curtains! Al is coming on Monday evening to help wire up our corner unit and t.v. - the corner cabinet is huge and too heavy for Andy to do by himself and much to heavy for me to help with.

The garage and outbuildings are totally demolished and now they've started getting the trenches dug for the footings. The concrete is rock solid hence the drill and in fact they've given up on that and got a bigger machine to finish the job tomorrow. I do hope it's a bit quieter. The dust was awful today - it's almost as bad as MUD! Bernadette will understand how bad that is for me! Since writing the above last night, they have starting digging and now there is MUD everywhere. I'm leaving home.

Here are some picture of the demolition of the grotty garage! Sadly the compressor and bigger drill is a noisier combination than yesterday. I'm leaving home.

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  1. Hope all the drilling and digging stop soon!! I can't bare noise either, believe it or not, I never go to any Disco or loud music places at all, not even when I was younger!! Poor Nancy, turn on some loud sentimental/jazz music to cover the noise!