Thursday, 19 July 2007

The Naughty Niamh

This is how the naughty Niamh spends her day with the builders on site. She can't have free run of the dog area at the moment so she spends her life gazing out the stable door looking longingly at the garden (and the footballs sat on the lawn!) She's such a clown.

All the dogs have settled in really well including Abbey. They adore the garden and every time we walk out onto the decking there is a stack of six dogs at the gate hoping to go for a stroll!

I was worried that Abs would be very unhappy but she loves the place. She didn't like the hard floors for the first few days but she has sussed out how to walk on them now and just mooches about as if she's lived here all her life. She was fine on the quarry tiles and parquet but couldn't cope with the laminated in the hall and snug. Now she is fine on all three surfaces which is a huge relief to me. She is looking really well at the moment and eating well too. Jim suggested I put her on Ipakitin for her kidneys and so far so good. I know it helped Molly a great deal.

That's it for now. More later!


  1. The Naughty Niamh is very cute!

  2. I LOVE stable doors! I want one! (the door not the funny colour border collie)

  3. mmmmm I do like the door but I LIKE the funny collie more grrrr :0)))