Thursday, 19 July 2007

Kizzy's Training

Well, Kizzy's training has taken a back seat over the last few weeks. But now we're getting going again. On Tuesday evening she had a good session doing some lovely long runs right up the training hall across five jumps. She is now doing tiny little jumps very happily. Then we did some jump, tunnel, jump combinations with front and rear crosses and a couple of blind turns. Sadly no video of this.

Andy is also working on her startline routine which is coming together nicely. Kizzy will be doing a similar set up to her mum Zen.

Last night I took the dogs for their evening sortie round the garden. The collies play with the footballs and the naughty pointed thing runs circles round them yapping (yes, she does bark sometimes!)

As it was a nice evening I thought the neighbours might well be out in their gardens so thought I'd better take something for Kizzle to carry (then she forgets about barking) so we took a knot on a rope.

She hounded me for the full 30 minutes we were out there to tug with her. She was exhausted by the end of the session but I was really pleased as she completely ignored the collies and just wanted to interact with me! I don't actually do any teaching training with her but I am allowed to practise stuff that Andy has taught her so I also did some startline sets ups with her and she's just as keen to do them for the toy as the food which is excellent progress in my book!

Sorry no photos of Kizzle in action will rectify this with another post! Couldn't take any pictures as I was too busy tugging!

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  1. Blind turns!!!! NOOOOOOOO! Evil bad blind turns never should be done to little shelties or you will be very very sorry! :-)