Friday, 20 July 2007

Rain, rain, rain

I know they predicted rain for the south today but it was amazing. I haven't seen rain like that for a long time.

The trenches for our extension are 1.1m deep and they have filled almost to the top with rain and water running from the road and next door's garden. The front yard was completely under water.

We thought the fish pond would spill over at one point!

The sky has just broken up and the rain has almost stopped. We're hoping to get the back end of the trench filled with concrete today but there's a lot of pumping out to do first. At one point the pump couldn't cope with the volume of water but it's coming under control now.

Newlands agility has cancelled camping and now Saturday's show. I feel so sorry for the organisers. They're going to assess later today whether they can go ahead on Sunday. I spoke to poor Evelyn this morning as she was already on site marking out camping. She said she was ankle deep in water and mud in her awning and wished she was at home in the dry.

Here is a little video of the rain storm, it doesn't really capture the full force but shows a little bit of what we've had. Also a picture of water logged trench.

Please please we need some sunshine. I can't bear all this mud everywhere!

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