Sunday, 22 July 2007

Naughty Niamh at Newlands

Well, as Lian and Lisa said today not really the Naughty Niamh but I think she'll always be my naughty little Niamh!

Anyway, she had a wonderful day at Newlands and I'm very proud of her. She won grade 5 agility, came 2nd in grade 5 jumping and 3rd in grade 5 helter skelter (our good friends Lorna and Fleet won that class).

I am so pleased I can't stop smiling. Naughty Niamh had extra dinner tonight! Dan filmed two of the rounds for me and I'll post them later. Right now I'm celebrating with a large glass of wine!

It was a lovely show and the sun shined all day! Thank you Newlands.


  1. Poor Andy is now BANNED from all agility shows! hehehehehe

    Congratulations on a super day. Enjoy the feeling!

  2. wooooooooo hooooooooo well done Nancy and the now very good niamh ! karen xx

  3. Have a drink for me! Very well done, girls, especially the not so naughty Niamh! You must be all over the moon, Nancy.

  4. Horrah! for not so Naughty Niamh & you too ofcourse Nancy - she couldn't have done it on her own :)