Monday, 30 July 2007

Agility Club Show and this weekend

Had a good time at the Agility Club show. I judged the team relay on Saturday which was good fun. I had a great ring party which always helps.

The class was won with 5 faults which I was a bit disappointed by as I really thought I'd get four clears at some point. That said the winning team put in four brilliant rounds apart from the one rolled pole and a strange incident when the penultimate dog turned the wrong way off the A-frame and ran clean underneath it to get back to its handler. I had to make a decision in a split second and decided not to eliminate the dog and consider that it had just wasted its own time. I still have no idea if I made the right decision and having spoken to people afterwards there are mixed views. Some people think it was the right decision and others reckon I should have eliminated the dog. Had it touched the A-frame then I would have eliminated it but it didn't it just shot straight underneath it! I am still of the opinion that it was right not to eliminate the dog so am happy with the decision I made on the day. Of course that doesn't mean I'm right!

On Sunday I drove all the way back to Newbury to compete. We didn't do any good apart from one lovely round with Poppy in the agility section of the champ class. It was a lovely course but had a huge run right across the ring uphill with lots of gaps and other obstacles to look at. Poppy did it brilliantly and I was really proud of us both getting round it. Unfortunately she picked up 5 faults in the jumping section so we didn't get through to the final.

Naughty Niamh popped out of the weaves in Lynn Sheridan's class (my fault as I was veering off line) and then rolled the second pole in her other class. I decided to try out some different things after the jump came down and was quite impressed by her reaction. I really pushed her and she responded by powering away from me and shooting straight up a tunnel instead of turning towards me. Then I pushed her seesaw and she skidded all the way up to the contact and couldn't stop. She knew it was wrong as she did a quick target on the floor before taking off for the last jump. She is definitely picking up speed and confidence which is great.

We stayed to watch the champ finals and it was worth the wait. Alan Bray set brilliant courses which were fun to run and great to watch. Greg and GT put in a stunning round to win the large dog class with Mac and the lovely Spud getting the reserve ticket. The medium was won by Steve Latham and the small was won by the wicked Hex (with Bernadette of course!). She won both sections and the final at her very first champ class. What a little star!

I didn't get home until after 8.00 pm and literally ate supper and fell asleep! Andy had a very busy weekend at home. He cut hedges, mowed the lawns, unpacked more boxes, played with the dogs, finished off the fence by the decking as well as loads of other stuff! Kizzy, Becks and Abbey were fast asleep when I got home. They had been out in the garden for the whole day with Andy. They would take themselves off down to the paddock end and then come and peep through the archway to see what Andy was up to every so often. Andy said that now and again Abbey would take herself off to the kitchen for a sleep and then potter back out half an hour later! Bless. She so loves the new garden.

This coming week is going to be busy as we're hoping to get the caravan back on Friday which will need packing ready for the KC Festival. That's after I've taken out all my dog beds which I stored in the caravan before we moved. OMG where am I going to put them all, this house doesn't have as many nooks and crannies as the last place? I can't believe I was looking at dog beds again at the show this weekend!

On Friday I'm off to Burridge agility show and again on Saturday. Andy might come for one day, it depends on work priorities. Kizzy has about another week to go with her season which is great as it means she'll be out and about again at the KC Festival and DIN!

No piccies to post at the moment. Hope to do some later this week.


  1. Yes very nice show indeed !! and good news about Kizzy, Todd is booking a play now !!