Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Building & Stuff

It's pretty awful at the moment as the builders are right outside the back door. It's difficult to get out to do anything. We are lucky that we have french doors from our little sitting room out to the back garden so we do have access. It's just a long way round to the greenhouse where my freezer and tumble drier are currently in residence!

Our builders are getting on well considering the conditions they've had to work in. The walls of the new garage and utility are underway. It's a relief that the biggest part of the groundwork is over. Just some drains to do and removal of all the soil which was dug out of the footings. They're sending a grab lorry to take that away, the sooner the better!

Some pictures of Dennis and Colin our builders enjoying the weather on Monday, which was a lot better than Friday but still pretty dire!

Once they've completed the brickwork at the back I'll be happy as it means that the garden will once more be secure and the dogs can have a roam. When the old garage was demolished it opened up the side and we've had to put up temporary fencing so they haven't been allowed out unsupervised.

It's exciting now that the building is coming on as I can start to visualise the new space. I can't tell from plans. It's a bit like when I try to build an agility course or read a map, I keep turning the paper round and round. For some reason that frustrates Andy, I have no idea why!

We had some fantastic news this week. Mum has been approved for funding to go into a nursing home. We went to look at one in Fordcombe yesterday (that's only about 7.5 miles from our new house.)

We were overcome with how lovely it is. We went to visit Mum in the hospital after and were still there when the manager of the home arrived to assess Mum's needs to make sure they could cope with her. She is a really nice person and told us 'unofficially' that there would be no problem and that she would do her utmost to get Mum moved from the Kent & Sussex hospital to the home this coming Friday.

She will have her own room with lots of her own things and there are communal areas where she'll be able to sit with other people. They have entertainment, outings and importantly wine with their dinner! They have PAT dogs visit every Wednesday but we can take our own dogs in to see Mum whenever we like. That means we'll be able to take her own Ellie for a visit. Tina wouldn't manage it now but I know Mum will be over the moon to see Ellie. They have two kittens in the home so it's totally animal-friendly. It's just so lovely and we're so happy that she'll be coming out of hospital which has been awful for her. They do their best but for someone in Mum's condition it's a terrible place to be.

The dogs have had a good run in the garden this morning and Kizzy had a good session with her target training. She is now going into a down when putting her nose onto her lid. Her set up is coming on but she still has a tendency to spin out of her sit - bad sheltie. More work required.

She had a good groom and nails trimmed this morning, during my coffee break. I had to laugh last night when Leah was asking Andy at training how much effort was required to keep Kizzy looking so beautiful. He was explaning the grooming technique etc. I just stood there with my mouth open ..... as far as I'm aware, he's never watched me grooming Kizzy and he certainly doesn't do it himself! What is it with men and NOT grooming THEIR OWN DOGS ......

Niamh presented herself for grooming afterwards. She hates being groomed but is very jealous when I spend time with Kizzy. I was permitted to comb her ear hairs and then she walked off and went back to bed. The others were all curled up in their beds with their feet tucked under - they do this whenever the nail clippers come out, I wonder why!

After her training session Kizzy was ready for a good sleep but a large object had taken over her bed so the poor little sheltie had to sleep on the floor.


  1. must admit the picture of Niamh and Kizzy really made me laugh this could be Corrie and Todd, she is also very jelous of grooming time and suddenly LOVES being groomed whereas before she used to leg it very quickly every time I got out the brushes !!!!

  2. Well done on your fabulous results with Niamh!!! I can't wait to see Kizzy when I am in the UK :o)
    Johanna & co