Saturday, 21 July 2007

Kizzy Wizzle & more rain

Our little girl has come into season. She's not a puppy any more Tears.

Andy was about to go out to do some hedge cutting but guess what, it's started raining again. Just seen the note on the forum that Newlands is going ahead tomorrow so lets hope it doesn't rain in Cranleigh today.

Al's coming over later (as there's no dog show) to do some more stuff for us. I think they're going to wire up the big t.v. and put up some of the heavier wall units etc.

The one good piece of news (FOR ME) is that I'm off to collect a new toy this morning - a dishwasher! I was trying to manage without one until the extension was finished but I can't .... I won't.
I am sick of Washing Dishes . So, a cupboard is being removed from the kitchen and a dishwasher is being installed, Al's job list is growing by the second! I will be a very happy Bunny.

I'm off to see my Mum this morning and will collect the dishwasher on the way home. I'm going to take a big picture book of garden birds for her to look at. She always loved her garden birds so I'm hoping she might get some enjoyment from it. I was going to take my three girls for a nice walk as well but that might have to wait until later now that it's pouring again.

Was hoping to get some video of the Kizzle doing some training; maybe later if the weather brightens up a bit!


  1. ohhh nooo does that mean sheltie play is for for a while :0((( Todd was looking forward to seeing his neice :0))

  2. Ah! Bless! She is a grown up young lady now.

  3. Todd is Kizzy's cousin! Not uncle! But still would be bad! The girl is a woman now! hehe Poor Murphy!