Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Zeki & Niamh exercising and I've been tagged

Niamh learning to balance on the exercise ball - next step is to teach her to move it along using her hind legs. This was her first experience of it.

Zeki showing Niamh how easy this is. This is an exercise we learned at Hannah's co-ordination and balance course. We have incorporated it into our agility foundation course and all the dogs love the peanut and the round ball. Thank you Hannah!

Kizzy practising her favourite balance exercise - on a cushion!

Oh and by the way I've been tagged. I have no idea what this is but what's new!

By Karen (http://just-todd-bykaren.blogspot.com/)

Open a document or file folder

Click on the fifth folder

and then the fifth photo

Post the photo and describe it

The middle person is my Dad and the picture was taken in Carmarthenshire probably around the late 1940's early 1950's (Dad??) Dad was evacuated to Wales during the second world war and spent many years there. My grandad was in the City of London police force and his whole family was evacuated out of London (fortunate as their house was subsequently destroyed by a bomb). Dad was educated in Wales and lived on a farm. As children we used to go back every year to the same farm to visit the family that Dad had lived with all those years ago. We kept in touch right until Mrs Markes died. It was from these days that I got my love of dogs, border collies. So you see Dad, it's really your fault that I have so many dogs!

I am pleased that this picture came up. Most of my photos are of dogs (why on earth would that be I wonder!) When I read the instructions I thought it would be a photo of Kizzy lounging on a bed or sofa or Niamh upside down asleep - so it was good when my mouse arrived at the fifth album and it was of old scanned family photos! I think my dogs get their fair share of photos on this blog!

Now I think I have to tag others. I'm sure they'll be delighted with me ... sorry guys!







  1. we've got one of those peanut balls - the dogs love it. Diesel likes to back up on to it, Pip likes to balance on top of it ;)

  2. The exercise shots are great. And I am glad it was you who was tagged and not I - I just got it last week!

  3. I like Kizzy's way of balance! Such a clever girl!

    I've just passed on a new game to you, please see my blog.