Thursday, 29 January 2009

Clever Zeki

We're continuing with our dog training classes on Wednesday evenings. I really enjoy these sessions and Zeki absolutely loves them. I think this is partly because she gets a lot of food and partly because she enjoys socialising! Last week we passed the last elements of our Puppy Foundation Assessment for the Good Citizen scheme.

Now we are starting to work towards our bronze award. We have trained all of the elements and now need to polish up on one or two of them before we are booked in for our exam some time in the near future.

Last night we did a brand new exercise. I was a bit stressed about it because Zeki has a rather strong eye and likes to chase things (work in progress!). Our trainer brought along a pram with a baby doll inside. We each had to push the pram around the hall twice with our dogs walking calmly by our sides. I really thought that Zeki would bark and try to chase and bite the wheels. We were last to go so whilst the others had their turns I spent time clicking Zeki for looking at me and not eyeing the pram as it progressed round the hall.

When we got up for our go I was quite nervous (yes I was, even though it's basic obedience in a local village hall!). I had no reason to worry, she was perfect. She trotted round beside the pram without a single problem. When I stopped walking she even offered a sit beside me. I was really thrilled. How sad am I!

Here is Zeki's little award of which I am very proud!


  1. Well done Nancy and Zeki!!! I am extremely proud of you both as I know moving wheels in all formats (including cars) are verydifficult to resist for daddy Tazz & One.

  2. That really is very good, Well done you two. Mindy couldn't cope with the dogs scrabbling around on the floor, the noise would send her into attack mode and after 8 stressful weeks of puppy classes, it became to much for me-so we left, now if we where outside, she would have been fine.
    So Well Done.

  3. Oh what a lovely rosette and certificate, she is a very clever girl indeed and her little video is brilliant :-)

  4. Well done Zeki! What a clever puppy!

  5. Way to go, Zeki!
    First rossie of the season for the Hudsondoglets?

  6. Zev said congratulations to his very clever lit' sis. Well done guys