Monday, 12 January 2009

Puppy sitting

It's a few days since I updated the blog. The new year has been really busy so far. I am updating this from my lap top sitting watching four beautiful little puppies sleeping. I am currently at Bernadette & Dennis's puppy sitting for one day and one night. Bernadette has returned to the US for a few days, sadly because her aunt passed away, and Dennis has just left for a business trip to Japan.

I have brought Zeki and Poppy with me. Sadly Naughty Niamh had to stay at home because she is a little bit of a handful in new situations and we didn't want to risk the puppies in any way. Zeki loves the puppies and is very good with them and I know that Poppy will be good with them so it's an opportunity for the puppies to have their first encounter with a large dog.

The puppies have been in the kitchen and on the go since 10.30 am and have had their second meal of the day. Two puppies were wide awake for the whole session: Chubsy Wubsy and Itsy Bistsy. So I took the opportunity to have individual play sessions with each of them. We had some good tugging going on with both of them. At the next play session I will be sure to spend individual time with Pork Chop and Cutey Pie. They were less active during the play session but I expect that will change next time. They have just come out of the kitchen and gone back into their puppy pen and at 11.45 am everyone is fast asleep.

Zeki and Poppy are curled up asleep on Pax's sofa. I'm hoping to teach Zeki the skate board trick shortly. I've brought her tub of sausage and clicker. Right now it's blowing a gale and pouring with rain so it's highly unlikely the puppies will get outside while I'm here as the forecast is pretty bad for the whole day. It's much milder than of late but really wet and miserable.

Here are some pictures of the puppies, I hope to get some "awake" pictures later! How funny as I'm sitting typing little Pork Chop whilst fast asleep slid down the ramp of the whelping box and landed in a heap on the floor. She woke up and look very indignant and crawled back up the ramp and snuggled up with her sisters.


  1. ...You lucky thing, a pile of puppies to watch and play with.
    Have Fun

  2. Lucky you to be looking after the puppies. The picture of Poppy and Zeki made me laugh as it looks like Zeki is nearly as big as Poppy :)

  3. Make sure you make a wonderful cup of French Vanilla Coffee - then post some video :o)

  4. I only thought I was flying to Japan. Only got as far as Moscow and we had to turn back as the auto-pilot would not engage and airlines can not fly over Siberia with auto-pilot engaged... The joys of travel. We tray again early tomorrow morning. Thanks again for puppy sitting... Dennis