Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ashdown Forest Pictures

These are the pictures that Nicole took on our walk at the Ashdown Forest on Tuesday 30th December. It was very cold but we had a lovely time. I stupidly forgot my own camera!

Julie, me, Jack, Alex and Lewis with Poppy

Above and below: Indy who has just come to live with Nicole and family
Indy will be joining our new agility beginner course in January at club.

Murphy, Poppy and Storm (Nicole's other dog)

Becky and Kim (Julie's dog)

Mr Murf

Jack with Poppy, Kim, Storm and Murphy

Black Beauty and Ginger (aka Murphy and Becky)

Murphy, Becky & Poppy being good and doing a down stay!

Jack investigates an old lightening tree with Kim, Indy and Becky

Julie, me and Lewis with Kim Indy, Murphy, Poppy and Becky
Alex climbs the tree!


  1. Which car park did you walk from? I don't think it's one of my usual haunts.

    Indy is a handsome chap (I quite fancy a blue merle collie in the future), but my favourite has still got to be your beautiful Becky.

  2. Hi Sara

    If you go on the main road past the Hatch pub then it's the first car park on the right hand side. You end up amongst the big golf course and near the army scouts camp if that makes sense?

    We got very lost but it was a lovely walk!

  3. It looked blooming freezing but great fun. I know someone who would be impressed with you in the first picture, the only one looking at the camera :)

  4. Ah this walk looks really lovely it is similar to the one that I have been going on all week with the flags down :0) and I love Indy how handsome is he ? x

  5. LOvely walk! I walk on the Ashdown Forest every day, just somewhere else... I love it there.
    Indy is a gorgeous dog. Do you know where he is from? How old is he????

  6. hello! .. I used the clicker with my schipperkee, and now I'm starting to use it with my cockatiel ..
    very nice dog!!!