Monday, 12 January 2009

General Update

Well, apart from puppy sitting what else have we been up to?

We had a big clear up in the garden after Christmas once the last leaves had fallen from the oak trees. We still seem to get leaves blowing in from somewhere but we're nearly all clear. Now we need a massive bonfire to burn all the leaves.

It has been so cold over the last couple of weeks. Our fish pond was completely frozen and Andy chipped some away to allow some air in for the fish. It was about 4 inches thick.

I did a training day on Saturday for a group in Surrey. Trust me to pick the coldest day not only of the year but probably of the decade! When I left home it was -8.5 degrees and by the time I got to Godstone where I join the M25 it was -9 degrees. It didn't get above -4 all day long. The training was in an outside paddock and there was no way we could do any agility as the ground was too hard. I took along my training props: wobble boards, ladder, cones etc. and we worked on agility foundation exercises. It's amazing what you can find to do when you have a group of enthusiastic people and keen dogs. They took me for a lovely lunch and also provided me with hand warmers to put inside my gloves. I had four layers on plus my coat and made sure I kept moving when doing the training. It was very cold but not as bad as I thought it might be. That said I was very glad to get home in the warm. I watched t.v. for about ten minutes and then fell fast asleep!

On Friday Jackie and Terry came for a visit. It's the first time they've been to our new house. We got to meet Terry's new puppy, Meadow, for the first time. She is really cute and very sweet. We went to the Wheatsheaf for lunch and Dan and Mac joined us. It was lovely to see them.

Yesterday I did some training in the morning with Nicole and Indy. We could only do flatwork exercises as the ground was still very hard even though the temperature had risen. After that we went for a nice walk with Michael and Ellen and tired all the dogs out. Then we just chilled for the afternoon.

That just about brings me up to date. I will another post later regarding Zeki's training and where we're at as I haven't updated on that in ages. Can't do it right now as the puppies are re-awakening!

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