Saturday, 3 January 2009

Cute Shelties

Here are some cute pics that Andy took when I was out at the Ashdown Forest.

The first picture is of Kizzy and Zeki after they've shared the yoghurt pot!

They are mainly of the shelties but one of Naughty Niamh in her usual position on the sofa.

Gran'Ma will love the pictures of Kizzy and Zeki sharing a bed! This is the first time they've done this. Normally Kizzy shares with Becky.


  1. Could Zeki get any nearer the fire do you think?!
    My Pops loves yoghurt or cream pots too. I've been having a half hearted attempt at getting her to put them in the bin when she's finished with them, but haven't got very far with the training. Not sure if the problem is the Boxer brain, or my lack of creativity when it comes to training sequences.

  2. They certainly are very cute! I also like the way Niamh slept on the settee!