Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year

Well 2009 has arrived. Let's hope the doom and gloom spread by the media isn't as bad as they reckon.

We're still chilling out at home as Andy decided to take a couple of weeks off work. We've had some lovely walks during the holiday and have watched too much television including the whole of the first series of Gavin & Stacey which we are now hooked on. Michael & Ellen, our next door neighbours, lent us the dvd and we watched it in two sittings. Now I want to see the second series as I've taped the Christmas special but don't want to watch it out of sequence! At last I understand why Tel calls Dan DanLAR all the time! Kizzle now gets called KizzLAR.

Last Tuesday Zeki and Niamh returned to the vet to have their bloods taken. They were both very good, even the Naughty Niamh. The time that Nico spent with her on the first visit was really worthwhile as she trotted into his surgery quite happily and was performing tricks for him to earn Shape biscuits! Zeki was very happy to see him and jumped straight into his arms. No grudge held for having her tooth yanked out! Now we have to wait for the results to see if their pet passports can be issued. It will take a little longer than normal due to the holidays.

On Tuesday I was supposed to do a lesson for my beginner group but it was way too frosty and would have been unsafe for the dogs. We were due to go for a walk and a pub lunch after so we just cancelled the training and did the walk instead.

We went to the Ashdown Forest and had a longer walk than planned. It was a part of the forest that I haven't walked in before and we got lost so ended up walking for nearly 3 hours. I took three dogs with me and Andy walked the other three locally. I had Poppy, Becky and Murphy and they had a wonderful time. Nicole and Julie's boys Jack, Alex and Lewis were walking with us and my dogs had a great time with the them. They just stayed with the boys and played with them the whole walk. Poppy was absolutely shattered but very happy! By the time we got to the pub they'd stopped serving lunch but they took pity on us as we were cold and hungry and so we had a lovely late lunch. It was nice and cosy in the pub and we stayed in there for quite a while. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and the girls paid for my lunch as a treat which was very unexpected and very nice thank you! I forgot to take my camera on the walk but Nicole took hers so she's going to mail me some pictures which I'll post in due course.

New Year's eve was fun. We rang Michael and Ellen to see if they fancied popping round and also Dan and Mac. We had nibbles and lots of champagne and saw in the new year with Jules Holland's Hootenanny. We nearly always watch this but this year the music content was a bit poor compared with past years, well IMO it was! The dogs enjoyed themselves as well.

DanLAR and KizzLAR having a hug with Pops having an ear massage from Mac!

Princess with Michael and Ellen

Pops asleep on Michael's lap

I had too much to drink and so I made sure to drink loads of water before I went to bed. I'm glad I did because when I woke on new year's day I was borderline hungover and just managed to escape a real hangover. It helped that we went for a really long walk over the fields with all the dogs and Michael and Ellen. A very pleasant start to the New Year!

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  1. According to the new words I am learning this year. A mild hangover is known as a "lean over"
    Cute shelties not that I am biased.