Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Walking in the rain

Yesterday we went for our walk in the pouring rain. I hate walking in the rain but needs must. I like to make sure the dogs get a good walk on a Tuesday as Becky and Abbey are left at home when we go out to training. We all got togged up for the weather - here are some photos of the oldest and youngest in their wet weather gear.

We had a nice walk despite the rain but when we got to the runways we had to turn back because they were completely flooded and I had my walking shoes on so couldn't do any wading. The dogs weren't impressed as they love to play in the water. Mind you I didn't really want Abbey getting soaked bearing in mind she has just got over her bout of cystitis. They were all very wet by the end of the walk and it took a while to get them all dried out and settled in their beds when we got home. They weren't too muddy just very wet. I can't wait for the spring to arrive so that we get nice clean dog walks. It's such hard work cleaning them up in the winter and I am now officially fed up with it!

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