Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Niamh at Crufts

Here are a few pictures of our Crufts day out. In the first one Andy and Johanna were chatting and Niamh was posing. The naughty little Kizzle was pointing and barking at Niamh's tub of sausage.

If I stare long enough and bark enough somebody will give me some sausage!

A big cuddle after the event. Note new furry prong toy. That is Niamh's favourite thing and she likes to lie on the hearth rug of an evening and suckle on one of the prongs. The toy is called Prongo and she will fetch it out of her toy bucket on command. She loves Mr Prongy Dongo and now she has a nice new one!

I'm very tired and don't want to pose in front of my beautiful blanket that Johanna bought me!

Oh alright then, as long as you're quick.

Niamh and Kizzy on the bench together.


  1. Thomas has a toy that he likes to suckle on too, keeps me awake at night with his slurping, I have to take it off him after a while.

    Love the red blanket too, what a lovely memento, shame on the KC for not giving trophies for such a big event.

  2. NN was a starlet! Fab blankets from Johanna.