Monday, 3 March 2008

Murphy & Leah at C-Side

On Sunday Leah collected Mr Murf at 10.00 am and off they went to Golden Cross for the day. We had a phone call late afternoon to say that Murphy had been a good boy and collected just 5 faults in each round. He also ............ wait for it .............. did two start line waits. This is a miracle. Look out Mid Downs!

Here in Leah's words is the evidence!



Pretty good for their first outing! It was really weird watching this video of Murphy out enjoying himself without his family. He didn't seem to care that we weren't there. Sob. Funny that Becca should be judging as it was through her that we got Murphy. I wonder how she felt seeing him fly round with Leah. To be fair Becca trains Joss in the same class that Leah has been running Murphy in so I guess she's got used to it!

Thanks Leah for running him. He was a very tired boy last night and just curled up on his cushion all evening.

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  1. Murphy was a really good boy and I witnessed the starts incase anyone thinks you've doctored the video.