Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Niamh's round at Crufts (from a different angle)

One more Crufts indulgence to myself. Paula filmed Niamh's round and kindly sent me the clip. It's nice to see it from a different angle.

Please ignore this post if you're bored of my Crufts experience which you probably are by now!

Niamh at Crufts


  1. Hey it's your blog and you can put the video on from 10 different angles if you want! ;-) You should keep reliving the feeling of being there; so you know you will be there again!

  2. If I'd qualified for Crufts I would be posting loads too and I love hearing about it and watching the videos so you put on as much as you want.

  3. He he he just to add to it I taped it on my phone too I will download it and send it to you !! xx

  4. Great video and an angle where you can see much more.
    Again, well done!
    If I ever get to Crufts... Yeah right ;-)
    I enjoy watching you run!

  5. Bloody hell Nancy!!! Wot a cracking run u 2 had. YOu must be over the moon.
    I think it's gr8 to have different angles of runs firstly coz it's you being fab & 2nd it's handy when setting up the course!

  6. I concur entirely with everyone else here. You run with Crufts as many times as you like - I'm still running it in my head and smiling......Hx

  7. Finally I get to watch it - b*****y computer kept doing that thing I told you about each time I tried to folow the link....I think you and Niamh looked wonderful out there. She was really listening to you.xx