Monday, 31 March 2008

Request for nice weather & Update

I really wish the weather would brighten (and warm) up. Like all my friends I'm heartily sick of cleaning up the dogs after their walk. It's such a chore and it makes my back ache!

I got a cold last week and by Wednesday had completely lost my voice (much to Andy's delight). By the end of the week I still couldn't speak and was feeling yuk. We had already decided not to go to Shuttleworth. Those who know me understand how much I loathe mud and muddy dogs. It's bad enough when they're muddy at home and I've got all my facilities to clean them up but in a caravan - erm, no thanks very much. Our dogs all sleep in the caravan with us so the thought of trying to clean them up is just too awful! I heard that Sunday was a lovely day at the show but I don't regret not going as I just didn't feel like doing a lot.

On Saturday we worked all morning in the office and caught up with some applications and general paper work. Then we took the dogs for a very long and dirty walk. We just got them cleaned up and indoors before the heavens opened. The rain continued all evening and throughout the night. In the evening we watched Die Hard 4 on dvd. I love those films and this one was really good. I was a little dubious as I thought by no. 4 it might be rubbish .... it is rubbish really I suppose but just as enjoyable as the previous 3 films if you like action movies with a good dose of humour which we do.

On Sunday morning it was still raining and so I had to cancel my beginner group as the ground was just too water logged. Instead I had a doglet grooming session. Everyone had their toe nails clipped, feet trimmed and a thorough grooming. It makes such a difference for the dogs having their feet trimmed when walking on the hard surfaces in this house. They have much better grip with neatly trimmed paws, especially Abbey. Also it makes cleaning up their paws so much easier. Meanwhile Andy spent the morning in the office designing his courses for the European Open Trials in a couple of weeks. He had four courses to design and it's good that they are now done and sent off.

We took them for another long walk on Sunday afternoon and again had to spend about an hour cleaning them up (why oh why did I spend so long grooming them earlier!) We walked quite late (very nice with the extra day light) and gave them their dinner at about 5.30 pm. Then with the dogs happily tired and fed we took ourselves and Kizzy off for a visit to the OBay residence to have some puppy time.

The puppies are gorgeous, all of them including little Mouse. She is so tiny and we were told very quiet. Well that changed yesterday and she was quite vocal during our visit. Zen was very trusting of Kizzy and was happy to have her around. Kizzy is such a sweet dog and doesn't seem to pose any threat. We had lots of play and cuddles with the pups; Fat Head and Little'Un fell asleep on Andy's lap; Zest fell asleep on me and Linford walked around the sitting room having the longest pooh you can imagine with Zen following behind trying to clean up after him .... nice! Having sat on the floor for about 2 hours I had a job getting up to come home! I am so cross that I forgot to take my camera! Dennis took some photos so maybe we'll see some of them on the OBay Blog in due course.

We got home around 9.00 pm and had a late supper of mushroom pate on toast whilst we caught up with some t.v. we'd taped from the previous evening.

Then it was Monday morning ..........

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  1. glad you had a good weekend looks like your request for better weather is granted today :0)