Thursday, 6 March 2008

Dizzier than normal

I started feeling a bit strange on Sunday and by Monday morning I was having quite a lot of dizzy spells. No funny comments.

I thought it would go away but it didn't. I did manage to train on Tuesday evening and had a really good session with 100% success on the dog walk. We trained over an FCI type course and it was challenging and fun. See below.

By yesterday morning the dizziness was worse and I was feeling quite sick. So I took Sara and Andy's advice and went to see the doctor. The doctor said that I had an inner ear infection caused by a virus and therefore nothing could make it go away other than rest and time but he did give me some tablets to counteract the dizziness in order that I could go to Crufts. To begin with he said that I shouldn't even think about travelling to Birmingham and then he saw the look on my face and decided to prescribe the tablets. What a nice doctor.

I was planning to run Niamh at Leah's club this evening. She had kindly offered me the facility after I mentioned my concern about Niamh not having done her new dog walk in a different environment. Unfortunately I'm was unable to go along as I'm trying to rest a bit to get rid of the dizziness. I think it has subsided a bit which is hopefully the tablets kicking in. I can't believe I go and get this right before Crufts, typical.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better still and can start to get sorted and ready for Saturday. Niamh hasn't had her bath yet, she'll be well pleased when she sees that coming (not!) She also needs toe nails and feet trimmed.

I also have to take Abbey to the vet. She has started peeing a lot and only a drop or two comes out. It only started this morning. I think she might have cystitis or something similar. She gets up from her cushion and immediately wants to wee. She has had a few accidents but luckily it's only drops. I hope it's nothing more because she has been so well just lately, going on lovely long walks and with a really good appetite.

Here's Tuesday's course for anyone who might like to use it.

Kizzy had a brilliant lesson and did several sequences from the course. Andy was really pleased with her. So far we haven't done much sequencing and it's always nice to see how much they've learned in their basic training. It's good when you see that your "system" is working :)


  1. How typical to get ill just before something so big, hope you feel better for the big day.

    I had something similar a couple of years ago so know how awful it is, I took seasick pills which helped a bit.

    I'll be there tomorrow with Dudley on the Border Terrier Discover Dogs stand so if you get time come and see me, I'll buy you a coffee.

  2. If you and Andy want to come set this course for me I will share more of my special FCA system! Shhhh it is a secret so please do not tell anyone.

  3. OK, we will do that after Crufts.

    However I am going to have to use my limited knowledge of the FCA system in order that I don't fall down at Crufts.

  4. OH Nancy - you poor thing. It sounds like you had labyrinthitus which gives you 'true vertigo' - Itis what I had for two weeks back in October. I was crawling with it... Not sure if you went to Crufts - I hope you coped alright if you did. HXXX