Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Kizzy assisting with choosing a programme to watch on t.v.

Last night we were listening to the final pieces of music in the Classic FM hall of fame and Andy was looking at the tv paper to see what we could watch afterwards. Kizzle decided to assist.

I think we can safely assume she's over her post season blues and megga sulk from wearing her purple coat all day Saturday!


  1. HA HA HA . That was a great laugh... The paper shredding comes from Daddy Tazz I think. I know a sable sheltie boy who does toilet paper rolls whenever he gets the chance....and others have the same paper shredding tendencies :-)

  2. Living up to her name 100% - Caught in the Act!! Gran'ma True unfortunately passed on those paper rippin' genes - sorry!
    The cutest thing is when Andy says that's enough she stops......aaaah!
    She looked very regal in her purple fleecie at Easter Celebration.
    Really looking forward to seeing this team perform :) their bond is quite something.

  3. he he he very funny how bad is that !!!! x

  4. Forgot about True - thats where it comes from. She shred my family bible :-) :-) :-)

  5. You all need to stop blaming the parents. Maybe you just have naughty untrained shelties! I don't understand why..as mine are perfect! ;-)

  6. I have just one word to say to you:


    OK, so that's two words but even so!

  7. I think she was just being wonderfully helpful! But maybe that's because I don't live with any of her little relatives?