Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Guess what ....

Like most people we had more snow here today. It snowed all morning but like on Sunday it began to thaw quite quickly. We still have more than we did this time yesterday but it is still trying to melt. We need some rain to help it on its way!

I took my three girls up to Limpsfield Common again as I thought we might as well enjoy the snow rather than keep moaning about it! There was quite a bit more up there than when I walked yesterday so here are some more snowy pictures of my dogs. I know it's getting boring but we don't have snow like this very often so it's good to get the pictures while you can!

The first two pictures are of the garden this morning. Very wintery again. Although we still had quite a bit of snow it had disappeared off the trees but this morning it was white again. I think most of it has melted off the trees this afternoon.

Very different picture up at Limpsfield Common. Although it's very close to us it is at the top of a hill. I think I might try to walk at Toys Hill tomorrow. The only problem is that the road might not have been gritted up there so it could be a bit risky as it's very steep. I will have to make some phone calls to find out before I set out.

Here are the pictures from today's walk. It was really lovely and we walked out to the fields where the snow came up to my knees at certain points. You can see how Zeki was almost disappearing up to her chest! She isn't lying down in any of the photos out in the fields I promise! I like this part of the walk as you can look at the back of the huge houses along Goodley Stock Road. I love being nosey and looking at gorgeous properties and day dreaming!


  1. So just a few photos then !!!!
    It is lovely though......

  2. Lovely pictures in the snow and lovely place to walk x

  3. Just gorgeous - we have had a similar run of weather and the dogs could not be more happy for it!