Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More snowy pictures

I needed to drop something into Dad and Jan today and so decided to walk my three girls at Limpsfield Common as this is on the way to Dad who lives in Godstone.

The snow in our town is gradually melting although there is still a lot left. The main roads are clear but most side roads are pretty bad. However, I was really surprised as I drove up Crockham Hill, the world turned white again and it's only 2.5 miles up (up being the operative word here) the road!

We had a lovely walk and I took yet more snowy pictures.


Niamh and Zeki

A snow person I met on the walk. Niamh was so pleased to see Mac she nearly knocked her over!

Zeki leading the pack!

Dear little Pops with snow on her nose after she'd finished rolling around in the deep snow

Off they go again

Naughty Niamh - her Hurtta coat glowing from the camera flash (shows you how effective it would be in the dark with headlights shining on it!)

Poppy digging for a stick in the snow!

Waiting to chase Poppy!

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  1. wow! you've still got loads. We've only got horrid slush here so the dogs came back muddy from their walk today =S