Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow is starting to melt ....

At last the snow is beginning to melt. It would have disappeared a lot more except that it has snowed here, heavily at times, for most of the day. We have been lucky in that our main road has been well gritted but the side roads are not good at all. For some reason I just want to stay indoors when the snow comes but at the same time I get bored even though there's loads I could be doing.

We've managed to walk the dogs most days and if not they've had a good session outside at home. We've cleared the agility equipment for the time being and so they are lucky to have plenty of space to run around in.

Yesterday I walked them over the fields and there was about another 4 inches of snow from the previous night. It must have been good for me because my lets ached like mad. It is really deep right out past the farm where I walk.

Like most dogs ours love the snow: Zeki and Murphy cannot stop eating it and subsequently have to keep going out for a wee when we get home; Poppy likes to roll in it (surprise, surprise) and Becky and Niamh just love to run through it as fast as possible. That leaves Kizzle. She likes it for the first few paces and then she gets fed up and walks to heel. She hates the large snow balls that build up round her legs. Zeki gets these also but she doesn't care! She's well 'ard! I find the best coats are the Equafleece for stopping snow balls forming. Kizzy hates hers and so I don't often put it on her but it is worth it.

I have taken a few pictures in the snow but even that gets boring after a while! Here are some taken during the most recent snow.

Playing in the garden

Out over the fields

Tucked up happily in the warm after a nice walk


  1. My new house will defintely need a wood burner! I love the photo of Kizzy and Zeki side by side on the rug!

  2. Wood burner is essential! I love mine. This is how they lie most evenings. Very often the one behind will lay with a paw draped over the shoulder of the other but I never have the camera handy to capture it!

  3. ...Thumbs up for wood burners. I found the equafleece jumper good too, except they still seem to get snow up the leg bits and then that freeze's too that and their fur!

  4. Hate to be a copy cat but a wood burner is in my new house plan too :-) lovely pictures of your girls and Murphey :-) in the snow and relaxing, oh and I LOVE the new lounge set up would be nice for the snow to stop so I can come and see it and the pictures ! :-( x

  5. Ah I do love photos of tired happy dogs!! And the one of Zeki and Kizzy by the woodburner is just the cutest thing ever!!!!! :)