Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Home safe and sound

They got home safely around midnight and Leah and Jay stayed overnight. Luckily their neighbour was able to check their dogs. Andy borrowed the four wheel drive this morning and has just taken them home. Now poor Jay has to try to arrange to pick up his car which is currently sitting at traffic lights on the A25 at Limpsfield.

It's snowing hard here. Sadly we won't be going to Wilmslow this weekend!

The garden this morning


  1. Glad they are home safe and sound....

    Kizzy and Zeki look like they are lying on snow infront of the fire! good camera work or a white carpet?? We have snow too, but the suns out now....

  2. What a night!! I am so glad that they got back safe and sound.

    Your garden looks really pretty....just like a picture postcard! :) But it sure does cause an awful lot of disruption :( We have the tiniest dusting ever (like someone had an accident with some talcum powder) and they have closed all the schools!

  3. It's a white fluffy rug from IKEA which Kizzy is slowly eating! Saves her eating the edge of the more expensive hearth rug underneath. Bad sheltie.

  4. So glad that everyone is safe and sound, we too have loads of snow today, I love the picture of the girls at Limpsfield Chart.