Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More snow and an eventful evening

The forecasters did say we would get some snow and we certainly have. About 5 inches fell in 30/40 minutes late this evening. I sent a text to Leah to ask her if they had much snow only to find out that they had visited friends and were on their way home on the M25. They got as far as Limpsfield before getting stuck on the hill.

So, Andy rang our neighbour Geoff to borrow back the jeep we sold to him (ironic really) and set off at 11 pm to pick them up some 6 miles away. I was really worried but felt a lot better when I discovered that Geoff had gone with Andy. We are lucky to have the best neighbours in the world (on both sides.) Andy just called me to say that they had picked up Leah and Jay and are on their way home. They have had to leave their vehicle and I suspect they might have to stay here tonight as the roads to their house (another 7 miles on from us will be pretty dire.)

It's still snowing now and nearly midnight. I hope they'll be home safely soon. Will post an update tomorrow!

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