Thursday, 4 February 2010

February already!

Oops, February already and I have neglected the blog somewhat; too busy living life instead of doing the important thing and updating the blog - LOL!

Not sure about everyone else, but I for one will be glad when this winter is through and we see some sign of Spring. Now that all the snow has gone it's back to muddy walks. We haven't had a great deal of rain but just enough to keep the paths muddy. It's really irritating because our fields are actually lovely and clean but the footpath that I have to use through to the field is very muddy and so the dogs get really dirty right at the end of their walk. That said, I actually love walking in the winter, on calm winter days I find it very relaxing. It's just the cleaning up of the dogs that is a chore. But would I be happy if I didn't have my dogs to clean up, answer no. So I will stop moaning about the muddy walks and just enjoy them.

I've had some lovely walks just recently, some with friends and lots of dogs and some by myself with just my doglets. Today I'm going out to walk in Eridge and then visit my Mum. I like this because I will have a nice walk with just my three girls, always a treat as I love to see them interact together in a very different way than when the whole pack is together; then I shall stop off at the garden centre and have a bit of a mooch and stock up with some bird fodder and finally visit mum in time to help her with her dinner. Then it's back home to catch up with some t.v. and an evening in with Andy. We have 'Silent Witness' to watch (last night's and tonight's episodes) and also the new series 'The Good Wife'. I really like this, it stars Julianna Marguiles (Carol from ER, my all time favourite programme.) We don't get many evenings to chat and watch t.v. with Andy's current college commitments. Truth be told, I won't lie to you: we're also watching the re-run of the first series of Gavin & Stacey on BBC3. Tidy. All that said, knowing me I'll fall asleep on the sofa before the first programme finishes!

Here are some pictures of a couple of recent dog walks. Next post will be an update on our studio build which is progressing well considering it is a weekends-only project.

The first three pictures are from our walk in the New Forest last Saturday. We had a lovely day training followed by a pub lunch and then a nice walk on the forest. I had only Zeki with me so I couldn't mention to Poppy or Niamh that I'd walked on the New Forest, they would never forgive me. I must keep it a secret!

Karen's Yazoo

Todd and Corrie


These photos are from our walk yesterday. It was really lovely and not quite so cold. I stayed out for a long time and took the path beside the river. Here is Zeki posing on a fallen tree. She looks so gorgeous.

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  1. Zeki is all grown up now she has more coat...and quite the little poser too, bless her ;-)