Friday, 5 February 2010

New Studio - update #1

Things are progressing at a really good pace thanks to the efforts of Al and his labourer, Andy. Downside of this means that we get to spend no time together at weekends but upside is that I don't feel so guilty going off and doing agility/doggie things!

This studio will be dedicated to Fox's Crunch Creams of which Al gets through many packets together with Bakewell Tarts, Soup, Pasties, Toast and numerous cups of tea.

The only job that we have had to outsource has been the flat roof which was done a week ago last Monday ready for Al to start the tiling last weekend. I think the plan for this coming weekend is to try to get the weatherboarding up on the front of the building and perhaps get the doors in place. We have decided to go for oak weatherboarding rather than the man made stuff which is completely maintenance free. I think the colours aren't what we want and will look too glaring. The oak will weather and look much nicer (I hope!) I don't really like the doors that we have but they were free so they will have to do until we can afford something nicer. The end door which will give outside access to the toilet is oak and that's what we want throughout but all in good time!

Al and Andy have worked really hard to get this far in just eight days total. They have worked through bitterly cold weather, pouring rain and in the dark. Good boys.

Here is the work so far.

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