Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Visit to the Vet

Last week I had to take Kizzy to meet our new vet before she goes in to be spayed (sob). I also took along Zeki and Niamh to be micro-chipped and have their rabies vaccination. This is in preparation for when we go to Denmark in July next year. Andy has been asked to judge and we can also compete on some of the days. We are planning to take Kizzy, Niamh and Zeki. We are really looking forward to this adventure.

Anyway, back to the visit to the vet. Zeki strolled in as she had already paid a visit the week before following her insect bite. Kizzy was fine as she always is. Zeki was micro-chipped and vaccinated and then it was time to bring in the Naughty Niamh.

Niamh really hates going to the vets and is quite a handful. She is very nervous and can be a little stand offish to say the least. I asked the vet nurses to just ignore her when we came in and likewise Nico the vet. They were all brilliant and Niamh came in without people trying to engage with her which is the best thing for her.

Nico was absolutely amazing. He asked me to let Niamh off the lead as soon as we were in the consulting room. I had her in her harness as this seems to makes her feel more confident. We just chatted and Niamh relaxed because we were chatting and obviously chilled ourselves.

Nico waited for Niamh to go and investigate him and before long the two of them were sat on the floor with Niamh doing tricks and eventually placing both paws on his chest and giving him a kiss! I was amazed. Then he felt bad as he had (in his own words) to betray her by chipping and vaccinating her. She took it really well and was soon sitting on the floor with him again. Nico did everything on the floor so we didn't have to get her up on the table which makes her more anxious. Niamh was in there for almost 45 minutes and it's the best experience she's ever had at a vet's surgery. At the end she trotted out with her tail wagging and totally happy. I was so grateful for the time he invested in her first visit to the new practice. She and Zeki go back on 30th December for their bloods to be taken so it will be interesting to see how she reacts.

As mentioned our precious little Kizzy is going to be spayed next Monday. We have made this decision because she really does seem to have a hard time during her seasons. She gets very hormonal and her behaviour becomes erratic in the extreme. Because of this I wanted to make sure we got her right during mid cycle. This is actually the Friday before Olympia but that just wouldn't be practical as we would want to be with her after she is spayed. So the nearest we could get to the date is Monday 22nd December so that's when it will happen. I'll get a call any time from 11.00 am onwards and will take Kizzy in at that point. I can stay with her until she falls asleep and then stay there to be with her when she wakes up. She can come home with me as soon as her post op checks are satisfactory.

To add to this, my poor little Zeki is also going in on the same day to have her extra tooth removed. So Monday evening will be spent nursing two little shelties. I'm dreading it as I hate having my dogs anethesised. The plan is that I will drop Zeki in as soon as Kizzy comes round, bring Kizzy home and then pop back to collect Zeki once she wakes up.

Unrelated to this post, here are some pictures of my girls playing. As you can see Niamh is besotted with her shelties! She plays with both of them a lot but she and Zeki are really good buddies which is nice.

A rare picture of Naughty Niamh with both ears pricked!

Am I seeing double?

Yep, it would appear I am! Also hearing double the noise, that ain't so good!

The two girls playing on Niamh's sofa

That's it, I'm tired now. Those darn shelties have worn me out. Looks at those wicked ears in the foreground of this picture!

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  1. Hope both of the girls have a speedy recovery and that everything goes extra smoothly for them. x

    And is that 'It takes two' on your telly!? Glad to see you are as obsessed as I am! Hee hee!