Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lots of dogs and muddy walks

For one reason or another Karen has been to visit us a few times just lately. Some of the time it's been for Michael our next door neighbour to carpet out her new van. So, that has meant that we've had to fill our time with training in the garden. We've had some good little sessions with all the dogs and Karen's given me lots of help with Zeki Beeks and Naughty Niamh.

Karen always seems to arrive with presents for the dogs. This is the latest addition and Zeki really loves it!

Naturally Zeki's is the pink version!

On one of Karen's visits when Michael was working on the van, we took all our dogs for a walk using my van. Twelve dogs in one VW Caddy. In the words of CRH truly A-M-A-ZING (only Strictly fans will understand that!) Our dogs have walked together a lot just lately and they get on really well.

We had our agility christmas dinner last Friday and Karen came along and stayed over Friday night. So we had twelve dogs in the house. Karen's dogs were so well behaved you didn't know they were there. I was impressed with our dogs too, they were totally accepting and didn't bark or make a sound when Karen got up to wee her dogs in the morning. We didn't hear her or the dogs get up, they were like little mice.

The worst thing was that we walked the dogs late on the Friday so that they'd be nice and tired when we left them. All the walks are so muddy at the moment and we had to clean up 12 dogs at 5.00 pm which took rather a long time!

On that subject I am getting rather fed up with dirty dogs. Our walk starts and finishes with a really muddy path, it's very frustrating because the walk itself is quite clean and then the dogs get really filthy right at the end of the walk. Grrhhh!

Time for some nice dry, crisp weather please ...... I think not, looking at the forecast!

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