Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Poor little Kizzy (and Zeki)

We've had a busy time since Olympia hence no blog updates. First of all our little shelties both went to the vets on Monday 22nd December for their respective operations. Zeki had a successful tooth extraction and now we just hope that the remaining tooth can maintain enough foundation within the gum. She bounced into the surgery and jumped into Nico's arms and she bounced out of the surgery afterwards. I have never seen a dog come round from a general anaesthetic so quickly or with such energy!

Poor little Kizzy was another matter. She was much slower to come round but we expected this as she was also dosed up with morphine pain relief.

I was with both of them as they went to sleep and back again as they woke up. Once awake they were both wrapped in fleeces and put into kennels with a double layer of fleecey vet bed and a heat pad each. Kizzy stayed on hers for quite some time even after Zeki's tooth extraction was over and done with. Zeki stayed on hers for about 30 seconds!

I took them both home and Andy had the fire blazing and a little bed right beside it ready to receive his princess. She was shivering a lot and really appreciated the warmth. She stayed there all day long and ate a little bit of scrambled egg. After that she really didn't eat much at all. Her first night was a little disturbed but the following day was her most uncomfortable. She ate some breakfast but brought it all up and then wouldn't eat all day. I was quite worried about her and if she didn't improve was planning to take her back to the vet. I cooked her some chicken and got her some yoghurt and she ate those for supper and seemed to turn a corner that night. That said, it was only really on the Sunday after Christmas (6 days after her surgery) that the real Kizzy returned. Now it's a nightmare trying to keep her quiet as she has a huge build up of energy and wants to tug all the time. Not a good idea right now. Andy has been walking her in the garden each day but yesterday she went out for her first proper walk with Zeki and Niamh. She was on the extender lead but Andy said he spent most of the walk tied up in knots as she circled him barking!

Her wound is amazing, so tiny and neat. The only downside of this very clever surgery is that you have to keep reminding yourself that major surgery has taken place on the inside.

Here are some pictures of the patient after her operation:

Kizzy has been sleeping on our bed since her operation. We have put her bed down by our feet and she has been very happy there. Last night we put the bed back on the floor for the first night. To start with she was very indignant but then got into bed with Wilson and fell asleep. It's so nice to have her back to normal!


  1. I really had to smile - Kizzy looks so much like Tazz!!!! I am glad to hear both girls are well now and all is back to normal.

  2. Poor Kizzy what a picture of woe she is. Would have loved to see Andy tangled up in the lead though :)

  3. Poor little 'Princess'.
    It's amazing how quickly they get over such a major op though, isn't it. For the same op in humans, they won't let you drive or pick anything up for weeks ....etc etc.

  4. Awwwwwwww the picture of her cuddling Wilson is soooooo cute bless her, glad they are both on the road to recovery xx