Thursday, 18 December 2008

Olympia is nearly here - good luck friends & fellow bloggers and thoughts for a little star

We're nearly there! Niamh had her last big walk yesterday. Today and tomorrow I will lead walk her by herself. I would be so upset if she cut a pad or did something silly. She won't be terribly happy when I take the others out but I'll make sure Andy has her in the office with him and gives her a chew stick as compensation.

Tomorrow she will be bathed and have her feet and toe nails trimmed ready for her big day out. I am very excited!

Good luck to all my friends and fellow bloggers who are competing at Olympia this year but especially Leah with Herbie, Hannah with Kaydee, Helen with Henners, Tracey with Jack, Rosie with Chip, Louise with Delta, Lesley with Beanie, Lynne with Rookie and Marc with Wings. Go for it!

I for one will take a moment at some point during Olympia to remember a very special little sheltie who should have been there. Sadly she can't be a star at Olympia which I am certain she would have been, she is however a very bright star in the sky and in our hearts. Sweet Hex and Bernadette you will be in my thoughts.


  1. Good Luck and have fun an Olympia.

  2. All the best for you and Niamh At Olympia.
    Good luck!