Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Holiday first instalment - "The Entertainment"

Our first week in the forest was rather wet. In fact, very wet. On the first Saturday I can't recall having seen such heavy rain. I thought the awning would collapse under the sheer weight of it. The dogs normally get at least two walks a day when we stay in the forest but that first week they got only one walk a day as we couldn't face cleaning them up more than once per day. It took over an hour to towel them down and then hair dry them so that they could come into the caravan. Not my idea of fun!

Over that first weekend Al and Tracey, Dan and Mac and Terry and Jackie arrived. Al had his new puppy, Mist, with him. She is a very cute little tri coloured border collie. She was very well behaved throughout the holiday.

On the second Saturday the campsite wardens held a party to celebrate the site's 30th anniversary. It was good fun with lots to eat and drink and some rather dodgy entertainment. Judge for yourselves ....

Oh boy; what's in store for us?

Dan and Tracey share a joke - is that really Rod Steward in the background?

Rod Steward - yeah right!

Mr Scrumpy

Dan & Bill share a tender moment. Bill really looks as if she's enjoying it!

Elvis is in the building, well campsite!

Not part of the entertainment; just Mac and Terry relaxing and being themselves!

OMG Meatloaf has arrived!

Our lot line dancing.

Don't even ask!

Mac having a giggle - see below (and above) for reason .....

The Rocky Horror Show

Second instalment "Walks in the Forest" to follow ....

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