Friday, 24 October 2008

Autumn Walks

I love walking at this time of year and we've had some lovely long walks recently. Some days it's been really warm with sunshine and I could stay out for hours with the dogs. Sadly, I usually get a little call from Andy reminding me that there are applications to be done blah blah. He's such a spoilsport.

The difference between Zeki and Kizzy are now very apparent and it isn't just in their looks. Kizzy is a very very polite sheltie; Zeki by contrast is rather a rude sheltie! She is absolutely adorable but she is quite a handful compared with her sister.

Some examples:

Kizzy doesn't bark much; Zeki is very noisy when there is action, i.e. going for her walk, playing etc.
Kizzy never pulls on her lead; Zeki pulls like a demon and wears a harness which has little or no effect other than stopping her choking.
Kizzy trots at my heels for most of her walk; Zeki is a trail blazer and is always out front with Murphy or Niamh
Kizzy never bullies the other dogs; Zeki is a little tyrant and tells everyone off, in fact she's just started charging at Kizzy so we're going to have a few words about this!
Kizzy is perfect; Zeki isn't quite perfect - yet!

I have done quite a bit lately to quieten her as we walk across the recreation ground and out to the fields. She was screaming with excitement so I spent quite a bit of time just halting until she stopped barking and sat still and then she could progress again. She learned very quickly that she didn't get what she wanted by barking. Now I usually only have to do this once as we get out of the car and she walks (well pulls me) quietly across the rec'. I have yet to solve the problem of her screaming when we arrive at the car park. Pound for pound she is as wild as Naughty Niamh. It must by me but then Poppy is perfect so maybe it's just that I've now got two very NAUGHTY dogs!

Here are some pictures of our recent walks:


The Hudsondoglets pose in the sunshine

Zeki rounding up Becky, she's probably barking as her mouth is open (it usually is!)

Leah will be pleased to see that Murphy now has pricked ears!

This makes me laugh - this is Zeki doing one of her super fast recalls (barking as usual!)

Waiting for Niamh to make a move first!

Come on, I want to get going!

The lovely autumn colours up at the farm where I walk

Zeki looking cute


  1. Lol she sounds like my naughty noisy sheltie!

  2. Kizzy is such a lady and I'm afraid Zeki are Niamh aren't ;-)