Thursday, 9 October 2008

Holiday second instalment - "Walks in the Forest"

Despite the wet weather during the first week we had some lovely walks in the forest (the main reason we choose to holiday in this lovely location.) The upside of the wet weather was that lots of lovely lakes developed. Our dogs love to play in shallow water and it cleans them up after the muddy bits.

Andy and the Hudsondoglets, minus Murphy who's probably behind the gorse bush munching horse pooh!

Zeki doing a recall at high speed

Zeki out and about

Naughty Niamh

Poppy, Murphy & Becky

Zeki posing in the heather

Kizzle posing in heather but this wind can play havoc with a girls ears!

On the Wednesday of our second week Karen and the Gang came down and we went for a nice walk at one of our favourite spots and had lunch at the Red Shoot pub. On the way back to the campsite we decided to stop for another walk and ended up doing another hour and a half. We had a total of 12 dogs on the walk and they all behaved very well - even the Naughty Niamh!

Zeki, Niamh, Poppy, Todd, Becky & Murphy

Murphy, Todd, Poppy and Jess with Sassy and Corrie in the background

Zeki, Becky & Murphy

Zeki, Todd, Niamh and Corrie

Lots of dogs!

On Friday we had a visit from Dennis and Bernadette who brought Zen with them. We went out for a walk just outside the camp site. Zen isn't too keen on water but she soon joined in the action with our lot. It was the noisiest walk I have been on. One sheltie was perfectly quiet (Kizzle of course) and two were very noisy (Zen and Zeki). I have to admit that my model was by far the loudest and most prolific barker. Oh dear, this is not the plan. My sheltie is very naughty and Andy (and Bernadette) find this amusing for some reason.

During the walk there were several occasions when I was calling Zeki whilst looking at Zen and vice versa. They are so similar it isn't true!

After the walk we were very civilised and had tea and cake before Bernadette and Dennis headed home with a very tired Zen.

Zen enjoying the water with Kizzle

Niamh, Zen and Poppy

The above picture makes me laugh - look at Kizzy and Niamh jumping the water!

Everyone having a good time!

Zen doing her utmost to get me to throw something into the water for them to chase!

Even Kizzy is getting into the act and she's normally a real whimp with water!

Zen out with the collies

We had about two days where we could sit outside the caravan and the dogs enjoyed a spell in the sunshine drying off after their walk.

Andy's three with their leads stretched to maximum - why do they always do this??

Zeki enjoys a cuddle with Mac

Niamh after her walk. I like to think she's practising her targets in her sleep! This is one of her favourite positions for a snooze.

Gorgeous little Zeki

Bookends (Poppy and Niamh)

Enjoying a rare bit of sunshine

Finally, Zeki and Andy back indoors as the rain has started again!

We enjoyed our holiday and as always it was finished far too quickly. That said I always like to get home and back into some sort of routine even if it does involve work!

One final instalment to follow - Bill's 60th birthday!


  1. Wow Zeki is growing so fast, I can't believe it!!

    It looks like a lovely campsite that you stayed on. Glad you enjoyed your break!

  2. love the red shoot aswell!!!i had a gorgeous steak last time i was there!