Thursday, 9 October 2008

Holiday final instalment - "Bill's 60th Birthday"

Whilst we were on holiday it was Jackie's 60th birthday. Jackie is more commonly known as Bill for some reason known best to Terry. For the purpose of this entry she shall be known as Bill.

Happy 60th Birthday Jackie Bill Insull

The day started very pleasantly with Bucks Fizz and croissants in Dan & Mac's awning with the ritual present opening session. Then we all took our dogs for a walk and met up for afternoon tea and cake. Andy ate so much cake he felt sick. In the evening we went to one of our favourite pubs, The Filly Inn and Terry treated us all to a lovely dinner to celebrate Bill's birthday. Andy only had a starter because he still felt sick.

Here are some pictures of our evening:

Publish Post

Also some more pictures from our holiday courtesy of Dan & Mac's blog.

That's it then for another year. The caravan has been cleaned and put to bed for the winter.

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  1. looks like you had a ball, some great pictures here :0>