Monday, 27 October 2008

Busy weekend (last week)

The past couple of weekends have been really busy and very enjoyable. The Saturday before last I had lessons in the morning and Andy went out for a bike ride with Dan and Michael from next door. Here they are ready for the off:

Andy & Dan

Andy, Michael & Dan

In the afternoon we took the dogs for a nice walk in Eridge Woods. I tried to take some photos but it was a bit dark so they aren't very good. We don't get to walk here as often as we used to. It was my every day walk when we lived in Tunbridge Wells and I do miss it. The dogs are always so pleased to go back there for walks. It's very different from the open fields we walk in now. I do try to walk there once a week and tie it up with a visit to Mum.

Andy with his three: Becky, Murphy & Princess Kizzy

Niamh waiting for action


After that we went for a visit with Mum as her nursing home is only 5 minutes' from the walk. We took Kizzy and Zeki in for a visit. They are both really good and Mum does love to see the dogs. I am pleased with Zeki's behaviour when I take her into the home. I thought she might be a little wild and noisy but she seems to understand that she needs to be calm, quiet and gentle with Mum. Kizzy has always been an angel on visits and Zeki isn't far behind her on that front. Poppy, Becky and Murphy are also very good. I haven't taken Niamh in to see Mum as she is rather a handful. The experience would be good for her but not for Mum as I'm pretty sure Niamh would spook and panic.

By the time we got home we were exhausted and couldn't be bothered to cook so instead we had a chinese takeaway and watched our favourite programme in the world "Strictly Come Dancing".

On Sunday we were up early as we were both off to do a training day for a group of people who train with a friend. We are doing a series of these sessions through the winter months. We were lucky as the weather was gorgeous and we were able to train outside in a lovely sand school. We enjoyed the session and are looking forward to the next one. It's nice to be invited back as you can get some continuity going. After the training session we were taken to one of the local pubs for a lovely late lunch.

We took all our dogs with us but they had quite a boring time in the car. We made up for it as we got home just in time to take them for a nice long walk, by the time we got back to the car it was dark but at least they were happy.

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  1. Great bike piccys and what gentle little shelties with your mum x