Thursday, 2 October 2008

Autumn is coming; time for reflection

Autumn is well on the way now, we are bracing ourselves for the massive fall of leaves. It has started but just gently, in another week or so we will be knee deep in leaves. Whether they will be golden and crunchy or brown and sodden depends on the weather of course. Whichever it means there'll be loads of work to do trying to keep things under control.

We've been back from our holiday for nearly two weeks now and I've yet to do a posting about it. I will do that because it was a nice holiday and we had lots of fun. Watch this space!

I really haven't felt like posting very much just lately. The loss of Hex has shocked and deeply saddened us all. I always remember when I lost my very first dog (Lizzie), I felt that the world should stop; how could people keep getting on with their lives; how could the radio keep playing music and so forth. You realise of course that life does go on and it will do so this time. However, within our circle of agility and blogger friends, I do believe that time stood very still for a few days out of respect for a very special little dog and out of love for Bernadette and Dennis during this awful time. Hex will always have a special place in our hearts because she was our introduction to the Obay shelties. She was one wicked little dog and we will miss her very much.

This coming weekend I'm going to the Norfolk show. I'm lucky enough to be staying with Terry and Jackie for the weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm taking Niamh and Poppy. Andy is staying at home because Kizzy is in season and he has chores to be getting on with (I have written him a very long list.) He is going to keep Zeki at home with his three. Poppy and Niamh will have a lovely time without the "little noise box" in tow. I shall miss her though. She is very special.

Hope all our blogger friends are well. I think this is the longest gap I've had in posting since I first set up the blog in 2006.

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  1. Great to see you back and the colours on your garden wall look lovely.

    Good Luck at Norfolk.