Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Zeki pictures and clicker training

I thought I'd do a little video of Zeki doing some clicker training. It wasn't one of our best sessions, it always seems to go wrong as soon as I'm being video'd! She is totally focused when the food and clicker come out and is always happy to tug at the end of the session. She is more focused on her tug if I've used dog training treats, I have to work harder to get her to tug if I've used sausage or cheese!

I'm struggling with the roll over trick. I can't get her to turn her head back without standing up. She's too impatient. I'm hoping that Mary will spare me some time at Hinckley this weekend. When I get stuck she always helps me break through the sticky areas! She has helped us with all our dogs over the years and I could watch her train tricks with puppies all day long.

We've started our "walk backs/reverses" but they aren't very straight yet. I also need to work harder with the paw shakes as I'm not being clear with my hand signals. It seems such a long time ago I was training Naughty Niamh all these things and my co-ordination has slipped! Still, I'm working on it and will get better.

As well as the video are some nice pictures of her showing off her new collar and yellow duck from Aunty Karen. The collar was bought especially to match her new harness! She also has a purple critter that Paula bought her. These two toys she loves. She snuggles up with her duck in her car pod and in her overnight kennel and loves to play with him as well. The purple toy she just loves to run around with in her mouth. The red furry spider I bought her she really isn't bothered about ..... typical! You can also see her following in big sister Kizzy's footsteps by putting in some hours at the drawing board!

Hhhmm, need to recalculate that!

Can't figure it out, need the ruler

Lost interest, I'll just eat the ruler instead, much more fun than this boring drawing!

My new collar to match my Crazy Dog harness. Crazy Dog is quite appropriate for me so I'm told!

Here I am with my best friend - Mr Duck

And my other best friend Mr Purple Critter


  1. wow what a good little girl, her left and rights are brilliant !

  2. That puppy is absolutely gorgeous - it's no good, I've just got to have a sheltie next!!!!!!