Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dordale runs

Here's a film of our Dordale runs. Saturday was lovely but Sunday was mostly wet. We had a great time and will definitely go again next year.


  1. Andy looks so chilled out with Kizzy doesn't he :)
    I can see the difference in you and Niamh.

  2. Well done Andy & Kizzy - you two look like a brilliant team! Thank you for posting those...Kisses from Dad Tazz & Grandpa Monty & 3/4 bro One :o) & Johanna

  3. Wow what good dogs and handlers :0)
    and how nice to have it all on video, well done you two !

  4. Niamh is absolutely flying Nancy! That 5-7 run was stunning.

    And as for lovely little Kizzle, dad is now copying her set up routine for Bex, so we don't do the 'shake, have a good look round, wander up to the first jump, turn round, have a good look outside the ring to see if you can see her toy, and finally do a sit wait!' Kizz and Andy look such a good team together, I am looking forward to seeing them in action in the rest of the season!

  5. Niamhs agility 2nd was fantastic, well done on a lovely run, watching Kizzy's 1-7 jumping run, did she skip a weave pole? Looks like the judge missed that! She's definately one to watch out for in the future, a good honest wee dog!

  6. Hi Mark

    She did indeed skip a weave pole which was missed by the judge - oops! Bad sheltie. Luckily she dropped out of the places as both Andy and I hate getting rosettes for that sort of thing!