Monday, 12 May 2008

Kizzle Training

Well, we've started distraction training in the weaves. We took ten minutes out this afternoon and did some weaves. Andy layered the weaves with a jump and collapsible tunnel between him and Kizzy and just let her get on with it. Then I stood in the middle of the weaves on the opposite side with her favourite football and bounced it up and down as she weaved up the paddock and then back down. She didn't bat an eye lid and just kept weaving so she'd get her tennis ball from Andy at the end.

Tomorrow we're planning to repeat the exercise but have me running up and down the weaves and then we'll gradually introduce noise and other distractions. I will probably take Niamh out and do some trick training with her. Other ideas welcomed! Please don't suggest that I perform cart wheels though! I never was any good at those!

Tonight they're going training at Leah's school and hopefully will get the chance to do some more weave proofing.

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