Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tunbridge Wells Videos

I didn't get any video on Saturday with Andy being at Beacon. Typical it was on Saturday that Niamh and I did our best round. We made mistakes in all our Sunday classes but hopefully we are continuing to improve in our new style. The mistakes are all mine and related to pushing for more speed.

You can also see what a handful Murphy can be in his G6 jumping. There were some really good bits and when they get it together it's great to watch.

Please note in Kizzy's round how well Andy matches the equipment!


  1. Oh my god, who is the starter handler running Murphy? You'll have to get a proper person for him, poor dog!

  2. Great run from Poppy, she looks like she is enjoying it so much!! Well deserved the 1st place!!

  3. Does Andy have different outfits to change into depending on the colours of the jumps?

  4. So nice to see Poppy in full pelt!
    I saw that nifty push threw manouver with NN!
    I agree nice matching handler & equipment :)
    but for us - Murphy was the star of the day (not that I'm in any way Biased!)