Thursday, 15 May 2008

More Kizzle Training

Tonight we're going to Leah's training and she has kindly offered for Andy to come along with Kizzy (damn cheek, it's mine and Naughty Niamh's night out together!!) Anyway, we're going to continue with some distractions whilst Kizzy is weaving in another environment which will hopefully help to strengthen her behaviour.

Andy has also been working every day on her contacts. She hasn't been powering down the contacts recently so we've gone back a stage and doing lots of work with her target training. Sometimes her target is on view, sometimes partially on view and sometimes not at all. She has been doing it really well so hopefully we'll get over this little glitch.

She is looking rather beautiful at the moment because she was bathed a few days ago. When we got back from Vyne Kizzy had developed a rash in her ear which we hadn't clocked. When we got up on the Tuesday morning after Vyne she was going frantic scratching her ear; shaking her head and panting like mad. Andy rang our new vet Ian who is really lovely and he said to bring her straight in. Ian couldn't find anything in her ear and said we'd caught it before it became infected. She had a steroid jab to calm things down and cream which we had to put in her ear for a week. This did the trick and her ear is back to normal, a nice healthy pink rather than bright red. The downside was that it left her ear hairs really greasy and horrible. So, poor Kizzy had to have a bath! Actually she doesn't mind being bathed in the slightest and she always looks so lovely afterwards.

Naughty Niamh had a head and shoulders bath on the same day as she decided to roll in fox poo. She is such a naughty dog. Mind you, Poppy is our biggest culprit for rolling. Mostly she doesn't roll in anything horrible she just spends half her walk upside down rolling for the sake of it. Just occasionally she catches me out and comes back with nasties clinging to her neck. God, I hate it when they roll. Mud is bad enough but smelly fox poo (or worse) is just awful.

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