Thursday, 15 May 2008

Training - Tuesday 13/5/08

We trained over one of Johanna's courses on Tuesday night. It was a tough course that I had already tried at Bernadette's a couple of week's back.

We couldn't set it out exactly the same because our school is oblong rather than square so we had to lengthen it and in one respect it was more difficult in that the run to #9 was a greater distance so even harder. However, we softened it by making a clear gap between the wings of #9 and #10 and moving the seesaw back creating a clear path through to #8.

We had lots of fun doing the start and weaves in various ways.

Thanks Johanna - everyone enjoyed this course!

(The collapsible tunnel wasn't part of the course we just put it in for practise and it linked in quite nicely for some other exercises)


  1. That was a tough but very challenging course!! I did enjoy the course, espeically when I have a slow dog, hehe!!

  2. Johanna is an agility witch. Do you know that lonng straight tunnels with a sharp turn into weaves was big part of the course design this past weekend for the champ qualifiers?!