Monday, 28 April 2008

Well done Leah & Murphy

On Saturday I went to WBSDS show at Newbury. Andy stayed at home to get some work done in the office and also do some mowing and tidying in the garden.

We had a lovely day for the show but it was very tiring as the car parking was such a long way from the rings. We were parked up by the entrance gate and it took 20 minutes to get to the rings and back. The show was fun but the layout could have been so much better. Apart from anything else you feel very vunerable leaving your vehicle with dogs inside such a long way each time you go to the rings.

We had an enjoyable day though, the highlight of which was Leah & Murphy getting 2nd place in the G6 Agility. They did a fantastic round, I only wish I'd got it on video but sadly I forgot to take it to the ring with me.

I'll post more on WBSDS and Lewes in a separate post with some video.


  1. Yay well done Leah and Murphey well deserved too,xx

  2. Yahoo for Murphy (and Leah too!)